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Welcome to Drew's Gift of Music Service, Sales and Repair Shop

         The best musicians - professionals and beginners - have problems with their instruments.  We know with any band member, adults included, accidents happen and instruments need repairs. Drew’s Gift of Music is ready to service your instrument for every need including, but not limited to, repadding, dents and dings, valve work, bent keys, etc.

         Just as a reminder - all repair of the Drew’s Gift Instruments must be completed by our store. What many don’t realize is that our services expand further than just the participating music programs. Our repair shop is utilized for all members of the community as well. If a student needs their instrument repaired that is not part of the Drew’s Gift Program, please keep us in mind when parents need recommendations on where to have it serviced. Our knowledgeable and highly trained technicians take each repair to the next level with quality and professionalism.

Meet the Team

Jono Yowell -

Chuck Steck -

Dale Minter -

Deb Johnson -

Information to come!

Call our shop (574) 936-4265 

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