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Guitar Playing


Drew's Gift of Music Service, Sales and Repair Shop takes pride in repairing and servicing your musical instrument. If you're having problems with your instrument, please feel free to contact us and we will do our absolute best in assisting you. Call our shop at (574) 936-4265.

Services & Repairs


  • Includes body cleaned, aligned and all pads replaced; necessary dents removed, keys oiled and adjusted. Unnecessary play removed. Polishing and buffing optional.

Woodwind Overhaul​

  • Includes boyd cleaned, buffed/polished and aligned. Pads replaced and key play removed. Oiled and adjusted.

Misc Woodwind Repairs

Instrument Cleaning

Playing Condition Adjustments & Pads

Brass Instrument Repairs


  • Chemical Clean instrument, felts and waterkey; reassembled and adjusted for playing condition.

Case Repair

Brass Overhaul

Misc Brass Repairs

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Phone: (574) 936-4265

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