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Connections Made

My journey with Drew's Gift is the most interesting and rewarding thing I have ever done. Every day I receive phone calls or messages from a band director, a school, an instrument in need or an instrument to be donated. I get the honor of meeting people of all walks of life. I understand more and more every day the huge part music plays in people's lives. With every situation comes a story that brings a varity of people into my path. I have found my job is to connect people with their individual situations by making something beautiful happen. I am truly blessed to experience the people, places and stories.

In this story I'm about to tell you, music was the biggest part of this man's world. Over the years he collected instruments of every kind. During his life he had played every instrument he could possibly get ahold of, yet teaching was his passion. He taught for 50 years, in hopes that a student someday might go on to teaching music themselves. This was his biggest dream.

In January 2022 after a great evening with his wonderful friends and neighbors they all said their goodnight not knowing that would be their last time together. The music of the heavens fill him now. As great neighbors do, they helped his family with the loss of their loved one. This included helping with his earthly belongings. They had discovered hundreds of musical instruments. Between the neighbors and the family a lot of those instruments were donated to a local school. Others connections were made to rehome what was left. This is where Drew's Gift of Music came in, we were graciously offered the rest of the instruments. While his great neighbors were helping us load the instruments we got a chance to learn more about their beloved neighbor. He recieved his music degree from Indiana University. IU, Jacob School of Music, as Drew felt, was the number one music school in the US. Feeling this meeting was not by chance, I often feel Drew's presence in these connections made.

Thank you Richard J Mlynarski, students will continue to learn with the truck load of instruments donated through this touching connection.

"Do not judge a song by its duration

Nor by the number of its notes

Judge it by the richness of its contents

Sometimes those unfinished are among the most poignant…

Do not judge a song by its duration

Nor by the number of its notes

Judge it by the way it touches and lifts the soul

Sometimes those unfinished are among the most beautiful…

And when something has enriched your life

And when it’s melody lingers on in your heart.

Is it unfinished?

Or is it endless?

by Unknown Author"

I am blessed to be able to share his legacy.

Deb Johnson

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