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God Winks

Today’s weather sent me behind 40 minutes for a meeting at our public library. Plymouth library is one of our instrument drop off locations for those people who donate and return Instruments to Drew’s gift of music. I was supposed to meet Liz at 10 AM. It wasn’t until 10:40 I pulled in. She was already in another meeting. While I was waiting for one of the other ladies to bring out the donated Instruments,

I watched the young mother with three children, noticing the one little boy watching when the instruments were brought to the counter. The young man’s eyes lit up he jumped up and down and clapped his hands. I’m guessing he was about 6 or so years old. I pulled the instrument out as a trombone, put it together and showed him how to hold it in his hands. I told him that if I knew it was clean, I would let him blow into the mouthpiece and showed him where it went. I showed him when you blow the air there and the side up and down. His mom watched while tears in her eyes. I then explained our program and how it worked. She asked me if we worked with homeschool parents. At this time, Liz walked out just to say hi and watched what was happening. The expression on this young man brought a joy into all of the adults, standing there and the child himself.

So very often in life do we get the chance to see God orchestrating exactly what was supposed to happen at the time it was supposed to happen to put all of us in the same spot. Show us that he is in control. This mother has information now for a homeschooling network and the liaison for Drew‘s gift in that homeschool. These moments remind me of the reason we started this program and the joy it bring.

I thank you Lord for the beautiful reminder of Your work!

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